When Excellence Matters
When Excellence Matters

Hello!  My name is Tim Talbot


I am originally from Louisville KY and married to one of the most amazing women I have ever met. We have 4 kids (20, 17, 13 & 11).  We moved to Redding in 2012 but I have been painting houses since 1981.  I started painting right out of high school working with a painting contractor for 2 years then began to work for myself.  I've been working independently ever since. I have always had plenty of work from the many customers who were happy to refer us.


Over the years I have spent time serving as a missionary to Albania and as Associate Pastor in our home church back in Kentucky, all the while keeping my hand either part time or full time in the painting trade. I thoroughly enjoy my work and seeing the transformation that happens with great colors and professional paint job.


I believe in doing your best, working hard and having fun.  My parents taught my brothers and I to care about people and the work that we do.  Thats why working with excellence and treating others the way I would want to be treated are the core values we hold to as we serve the Redding community.


I hope to have the honor to serve your family and business soon.  


May God bless you,





Talbot Painting Services  

3063 Carson Dr
Redding, CA 96003

Email: tim@talbotpaintingservices.com

Phone: 530-515-1078

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Using premium paint over the commercial grade will last longer and better resist fading by the sun.

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